Tourism And Internet Marketing Today.

Increased Motivation To Travel Because Of Internet Browsing By 12%.

So, to be part of this avalanche of information, the positioning of the following channels must be taken into account:

Web Page

That has all the characteristics of design (graphics and adaptive), functionality, usability, SEO practices and monitoring. It is channel number 1 to concentrate data that allows analyzing the behavior of visitors.

Free Guide

If you want to know our tips on the content that will make you convert more clients we leave you our free guide for hotels, restaurants, tour operators

Mobile Applications

There is a large number of users who are informed through different applications such as Foursquare, so you should not lose an opportunity and locate your business on the map.

The Importance Of Online Marketing In The Growth Of A Business


In these times, growing a business is not an easy task. There is a multitude of competition and, therefore, all companies have to make an extra effort to make themselves known. Thus, investment in online marketing is essential.

The Web Design

First, when talking about online marketing, you have to talk about web design. Some believe that web design is not an element that should be put into the bag of online marketing, but I think so.And it is so for the simple reason that, depending on the web and graphic design of a website, people will react in one way or another. And with "one way or another," I mean "good or bad."

Search Engine

Naturally, an inadequate response on a website is a signal that Google takes to, for example, decide whether to place one page or another in its search engine. 


Apparently, Google wants to give the best quality to the user, and if your website is so ugly that people do not want to be in it, it does well to lower positions and climb your competition.

Online Marketing

But, beyond that, there are more fundamental reasons why, effectively, online marketing includes web design: Design transmits brand design. And, therefore, to the extent that it is communication, it is marketing.

Design Service

Clarified this, the question is, where do I go to receive an excellent web design service? Because, of course, you can not demand that people know how to do everything, and you do not have to know how to design websites, or even have the good aesthetic taste.

Excellent Opportunities

Some professionals take care of it. And, since web design does not require direct dealing, you can find excellent opportunities online. However, the hand-to-hand treatment will always be better, so that collaboration is more effective

For What Websites Is It Essential?

There is no need to walk around the bush at this point: It is essential for all websites. Regardless of your sector, web design is relevant. If your site is ugly, you are in the industry you are in, your users will not react as well as in a beautiful website.

We are human, superficial and straightforward, and what is beautiful attracts us from the start. That is why an ugly website is a perfect way to lose potential customers from the first minute.

Of course, each sector has its design criteria, and the design for a children’s website will not be the same as that needed for an adult website. But, beyond that, the fact of having a good design is essential on all websites. In this sense, the number one contacts site in Spain,, which is among the 100 most visited websites in Spain and serves to meet new people, went to web design services to get an appearance that hooks to their users

And, based on the results they have achieved, it seems that they did very well. Apparently, it is not the only aspect to be taken into account (I’ll go into this a little more), but it’s a significant factor.

Search Engine Positioning

Another critical aspect is the search engine positioning or SEO. Basically, within this term is encompassed all that set of techniques that allow a web to appear in the first search results of search engines (especially Google).

The search engines, today, are the highways of information. And, just as McDonald’s was placed on the roads to capture that traffic and convert them into customers, your company must be well positioned in Google, to achieve that traffic online.

Unfortunately, SEO is a very complicated world, which needs a few years of experience to be fully exploited, and not anyone can apply it from the start. But God does not close a door without opening a window, and within the world of web positioning, several SEO services and agencies proliferate, offering their services at the most different prices. Of course, the more quality you demand, the higher the rate… Although there are real pearls if you look good!

Undoubtedly, one of the most critical areas of online marketing and with higher returns on investment in the long term (although, at first, it may seem like a non-return expense).

Web Positioning, Natural Or Pay Per Click?

The use of the Internet for companies and the possibilities it offers is increasingly essential, hence when it comes to investing in the web the first thing that matters is to appear in the top positions of the search engines for the words of their products or services.

Primarily to achieve this and two forms, Organic Positioning (SEO) generated by the content, number of visits, traffic, links to the site, etc. Or through the PPC (Pay Per Click) mostly in Adwords.

PPC (Pay Per Click): It is an advertising model where advertisers only pay when their published ads are clicked. (Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing, etc.)

SEO (Search Engine Optimization): It is the process by which an existing web is optimized to improve the position within search engines based on selected keywords or phrases.In recent months I have found many small businesses that due to the popularization of Google Adwords have begun to invest themselves.