Web Positioning

Web Positioning, Natural Or Pay Per Click?

The use of the Internet for companies and the possibilities it offers is increasingly essential, hence when it comes to investing in the web the first thing that matters is to appear in the top positions of the search engines for the words of their products or services.

Primarily to achieve this and two forms, Organic Positioning (SEO) generated by the content, number of visits, traffic, links to the site, etc. Or through the PPC (Pay Per Click) mostly in Adwords.

PPC (Pay Per Click): It is an advertising model where advertisers only pay when their published ads are clicked. (Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing, etc.)

SEO (Search Engine Optimization): It is the process by which an existing web is optimized to improve the position within search engines based on selected keywords or phrases.In recent months I have found many small businesses that due to the popularization of Google Adwords have begun to invest themselves.